Tips & Ideas for Getting Ready

This is a guide for the first timers to Currigee and contains a list of items or tips when visiting for the weekend which perhaps people would not think of.

  • Food – try to freeze as much produce as possible such as meats or pre-prepared meals.
  • As there are no shops on the island what comes with you will have to suffice so meal planning is a good idea – my only other advice would be to keep it simple. A long day at the beach followed by a shower, cold drink and a home cooked meal is to most people their idea of heaven.
  • You will find some household supplies in the kitchen cupboard; however, this is only occasionally re-stocked, so best to plan to bring things like garbage bags, washing up detergent, matches, tea towels and alfoil, etc.
  • An esky and ice is always useful.
  • Never leave home without aerogard or similar including coils for night time.
  • Never leave home without sunscreen, hats, sun shirts etc.
  • The fewer clothes the better – it is amazing how little you actually need often during the day a sarong, towel and bathers are all that is required.
  • Linen – check out the details on the Folly for sleeping arrangements.
  • A torch (which you will find in the kitchen cupboard) can always be handy if you like to go exploring at night or simply to locate the track home after a lovely moonlit walk on the beach.
  • Weber heat beads – using the outside BBQ is a fantastic way to eat when at Currigee and I would always recommend it.
  • Shoes – if you have sensitive feet used to being encased in Ferregamo’s during the week then a pair of shoes you are happy to get wet and sandy is a must.
  • The tap water is tank water and we find it lovely to drink so unless you are particularly fond of bottled water you can leave it behind.
  • Our library on the island is an ever-growing one so you can be guaranteed of finding something which takes your fancy – alternatively bring your own and we always welcome new additions to the island library.
  • There are cards, trivial pursuit, scrabble, backgammon and other boardgames in the house.
  • There is a CD player so bring your discs.


A Cleaning Guide

When you leave we appreciate your assistance in leaving the Folly ready for its next guests.

  1. Clean out of fridge – remember the freezer please – leaving bait for the next guest can lead to a very full freezer so feed the fish before you leave. PLEASE ENSURE THAT THE FRIDGE IS TURNED OFF AND THE DOORS LEFT OPEN. THERE SHOULD BE NO NEED TO ALTER THE SETTINGS
  2. There are brooms and dust pan and brushes for the floors
  3. The mop and other cleaning implements are located in the cupboard under the stair. A quick once over of the floor is appreciated.
  4. The bathrooms should also be cleaned.
  5. The pantry – please ensure that no food products are left out – they should be stored in sealed containers at all times.
  6. Obviously all cutlery and crockery should be left clean
  7. Please ensure that all lights and power switches are turned off (including the dishwasher)
  8. Gas needs to be turned off
  9. The outside wheelie bin should be put just outside the front gate, and be left closed


Sample of the letter you will receive once your booking has been accepted


We trust that you have a fantastic time in our house "The Folly" at Currigee. 
The purpose of this letter is to confirm your booking and to outline a few "housekeeping" 
issues which may make your stay more enjoyable. 


a) If you wish to travel to the island by Water Taxi, we recommend Zane's Water Taxis. 
Zane can be contacted on 0404 905 970 and he can collect and return you to Runaway 
Bay Marina and will be happy to fit in with your schedule. He has delivered many people 
to our house and knows the general location well. His cost each way is approximately $30.
b) The Folly is located up a little track from the Broadwater. It is unmarked, but clearly
 visible, and partially covered with artificial turf. Follow this to the end, then turn
 right onto the road, and The Folly is the first driveway you come to.
c) The gas bottles are located to the south of the house and will need to be turned on 
when you arrive. There is a small indicator to show which bottle to turn on. Please 
remember to turn the gas off before you depart. The gas is used for cooking and boosting 
the solar hot water.
d) Cleaning products are either in the kitchen cupboard or under the sink. We 
appreciate your assistance in leaving the house as you found it. All guests are required to 
leave the house as it was found.
e) The fridge needs to be turned on when you arrived and cleaned and turned off before you 
leave. The settings should not require changing.
f) The wheelie garbage bin is located at the front of the drive and believe it or not we 
have a collection run every Monday.
g) All of the power for the house is solar so conservation of power should be considered.

We confirm that the total rental due is XXXXX and we would appreciate it if you could 
forward this to us prior to your booking dates. Our weekend bookings go from Friday 
lunchtime through to Monday so why not consider staying the Sunday evening.
Our mailing address is
PO Box 88
Fortitude Valley
Qld, 4006